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Small Animal Services
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Preventative Medicine

We understand that your pet may be part of your family or a trusted member of your team. All companion animals need vaccines to prevent harmful and life-threatening diseases. In addition to vaccines, we offer preventative treatments for fleas, ticks, heartworm, and intestinal parasites. Our clinic also carries a full line of Hills Pet Food, including Prescription diets. Ask our trained staff for specific recommendations for your pet. 

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Our clinic offers a range of small animal surgeries, including spay and neuter. We utilize gas anesthesia with digital monitoring. This method places your pet in a deep sleep-like state and allows us to monitor their heart and breathing throughout the procedure. Gas anesthesia with monitoring allows us to perform our procedures with a higher level of safety and comfort for our patients than other methods.  This allows us to offer this service to a greater range of patients. Call us to schedule your pet’s surgery today. (620) 583-7190.

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Dental care is very important to the health of your pet, both for comfort and to prevent infections that can occur secondary to bacterial overgrowth in the mouth. Flyin’ 3 offers ultrasonic dental cleanings facilitated by our gas anesthesia with monitoring. This allows us to fully evaluate and clean all surfaces of the teeth, leaving your pet with a healthier, more comfortable mouth. 

Small Animal
Large Animal Services

Herd Health Services and Consultation

We offer both traditional and consultation services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. We offer pregnancy diagnosis (both by palpation and ultrasound), processing, vaccinations, and breeding soundness examinations. Additionally, we are also available for cattle, swine and goat consultation to trouble-shoot problems that arise or help your operation meet its goals. 

Reproductive Services

We have the ability to house small groups of cattle in the acreage surrounding our office. This allows us to offer AI and calving services. Having our medical staff nearby allows us to monitor closely for heat during breeding, and ensure safe deliveries during calving. You drop off your heifers, and we will do the rest. 

We are your one-stop shop for all your large animal needs. We have a full line of large animal pharmaceutical needs, tags, and more. 

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Large Animal
Equine Services

Preventative Medicine

Regular vaccinations and deworming are needed to keep your horse healthy and in peak condition. Call our office at (620) 583-7190 to visit about the best recommendations for your horse. 


Dentistry and Endoscopy Services

Dental health greatly affects the overall health and performance of our horses. Flyin’ 3 has the tools and expertise to address these needs with our equine power float, and training in equine dentistry. Our clinic also has a set of mobile stocks, allowing us to offer dental services at your farm or ranch. We also have an endoscope that allows us to visualize the guttural pouch, and further evaluate teeth and airways when issues arise.


Lameness Evaluation and Treatment

Traditionally, lameness has been defined as any alteration of the horse's gait. Lameness can also manifest in changes in attitude or performance. Locating the source of the lameness is key to correcting it. In addition to lameness exams, we offer digital x-ray to localize the source of the lameness. This adds a great deal of precision as we work with a farrier to improve hoof care and balance. 

Ambulatory Services
Basset Hound Check-Up

On The Ranch

On The Ranch: Many of our large animal services are offered in-house and on-farm. Preg checks, processing cattle, vaccinations, and many exams can be done in the field if needed. We have two ambulatory trucks stocked with supplies, allowing us to come to you for services .

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Mobile Chute and Stocks

Our clinic has a chute and set of stocks which can be brought to your farm. This allows us to better serve our clients, and safely offer a broader range of services.   Please let our staff know when you schedule your appointment if you are interested in these services. 

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